We are taught, from an early age, that to be loud or different or bold or strong is not an acceptable mode of behaviour for girls. Through children's stories we are encouraged to take on role models that are damaging to our psyche and teach us that once we are married, things will be alright. In all our history lessons in school, there are few strong women ever talked about. And all the while, we are bombarded with images through the media which teach us that the most important thing in life is to look good and stay young.

If you choose to research the idea of the warrior woman, you will find huge quantities of fantastic images of the sexiest creatures you've ever seen - bedecked with weapons with hate emblazoned across their faces. The modern woman child has very little hope of understanding what a true warrior woman is.

Being a warrior woman isn't about being able to smash men into the ground. It's not about being angry or staying angry. It's not about being lithe and sexy with thighs that could crack walnuts. And it's not about being able to brandish any weapon you lay your hands upon, although that's probably quite nice and definitely handy for some situations!

It's about standing up for yourself, about straightening your hair and clothes after a battle and getting on with your business. Warrior women keep trying till they get it right. They look for  ways to help themselves or to get help. Despite the social climates they endure, they hold their heads high and bring up their families as the best they can.

To a warrior woman, her birth stories are battle stories and her scars are a mark of pride. And a warrior woman understands that victims are survivors when they win through their challenges while warriors are veterans and heroines.

"I'm not a survivor, I am a warrior!" Savanna Hodgeson


There are currently thirteen women world leaders:
Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, India, Ireland, Liberia, Lithuania, Phillipines and Switzerland.
There are three queens in power in the world:
Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdon, Queen Margarethe II of Denmark and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
There are 4 women governor-generals serving in:
Canada, St Luca, Antigua & Barbuda and Australia