Inspiring Poetry

Empowered Woman
~ Sonny Carroll ©
The Empowered Woman, she moves through the world
with a sense of confidence and grace.
Her once reckless spirit now tempered by wisdom.
Quietly, yet firmly, she speaks her truth without doubt or hesitation
and the life she leads is of her own creation.

She now understands what it means to live and let live.
How much to ask for herself and how much to give.
She has a strong, yet generous heart
and the inner beauty she emanates truly sets her apart.
Like the mythical Phoenix,
she has risen from the ashes and soared to a new plane of existence,
unfettered by the things that once that posed such resistance.

Her senses now heightened, she sees everything so clearly.
She hears the wind rustling through the trees;
beckoning her to live the dreams she holds so dearly.
She feels the softness of her hands
and muses at the strength that they possess.
Her needs and desires she has learned to express.
She has tasted the bitter and savored the sweet fruits of life,
overcome adversity and pushed past heartache and strife.

And the one thing she never understood,
she now knows to be true,
it all begins and ends with you.

Women, You Must Learn To Be Warriors
~ Nancy Wood ©
Women, you must learn to be warriors.
Now when times are dark and our men
Are afraid to tell us what is in their hearts.
There is so much trouble in our land
That it is up to you to decide
Which direction the wind must blow.

Women, you are our tree of life.
Just as you were a long time ago
When a man said: carry my seed.
If you go forth from this darkness,
Telling our story of courage and survival,
Then our tree will grow strong with your words.

Women, do not worry about tomorrow.
Even when daylight is long in coming,
The sun remembers its place in the sky.
Take this blue shawl of knowledge and
Wrap it around your daughters, telling them
That women must not be afraid to be warriors.

And the Winged Shall Fly
~ Sasha Walker ©

I heard the shadows whisper as you peeled,
so tirelessly bare, your aching skin.
Told how the dark's cold quickening, you healed,
as midnight ink brought silence to the din.

Oh how the days they echoed back, your fears,
of what the coming nights would hold in store…
from darkness's unrivalled, came your tears,
but truth has set you free and healed the score.

Tore back the weeping chains that held you bound,
embracing that new sense when you stepped free.
The sun now holds no fear but warmth of sound,
the healing balm of laughter, sea.

How beautiful the moon in your new sky,
your stained skin shed, your wings now spread to fly.

Mountains and Women
~ Nancy Wood ©
The hearts of mountains
and the hearts of women
Are both the same. They beat to
an old rhythm, an old song.

Mountains and women
are made from the sinew of the rock.
Mountains and women
are home to the spirits of the earth.
Mountains and women
are created with beauty all around.
Mountains and women
embrace the mystery of life.

Mountains give patience to women.
Women give fullness to mountains.
Celebrate each mountain, each woman,
Sing songs to mountains and women.
Dance for them in your dreams.

The spirit of mountains and of women
Will give courage to our children
Long after we are gone. 

My help is in the mountain 
~ Nancy Wood ©

My help is in the mountain
Where I take myself to heal
The earthly wounds
That people give to me.
I find a rock with sun on it
And a stream where the water runs gentle
And the trees which one by one give me company.
So must I stay for a long time
Until I have grown from the rock
And the stream is running through me
And I cannot tell myself from one tall tree.
Then I know that nothing touches me
Nor makes me run away.
My help is in the mountain
That I take away with me.