How to bring out the Warrior Woman inside you.

If you have been physically or emotionally battered by another, it is NOT because you are weak, nor stupid, nor deserving of someone else's unevolved behaviour. It is because you lacked the tools to deal with the situation you were in at that time.

You have come here looking for those tools....
That alone makes you a warrior.

Step One......Recognise the warrior within

We hear people talk about emotional archetypes like victim, prostitute, sabotuer etc....and yes its probably true that we all use those types of traits from time to time, but rarely do we accept that we also have a warrior in there too....working right alongside the others. She's the one present when we decide to go looking for help (whether its from a talk with a friend or making that counselling appointment). She's the one that is working when we stop crying, dry off our faces and go and hang the washing. She's the one that keeps us stepping forward every day when things get really tough. She's there and she's always been there. If you think about it hard'll remember where you saw her.

Step Two......Understand the Threefold Law and change your language

Most people are mindful of the idea that we should treat others in a way that we would like to be treated. The threefold law takes that a couple of steps further and it teaches us that whatever energy (thoughts, intentions or action) you send out into the universe will come back to you 3x over. Those that follow the threefold law are generally careful on how they treat or think about other people. But how many of us are careful on the thoughts and deeds we turn on ourselves. Every thought that you have that belittles yourself, that causes you pain to yourself, has a threefold returning effect upon yourself.

Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break. Every situation we have ever dealt with, in our lives, has been managed with whatever emotional tools we had at the time. Only when you are aware that you need to find other tools but don't, are you not doing the best that you can. Stop calling yourself stupid, stop hating your body. Start concentrating on the things you like about yourself and the things you'd like to come about for you.

 Step Three.....Know the difference between a survivor and a warrior

We're not belittling the efforts of those who call themselves survivors - hell no. It's no small feat to get through the garbage life can chuck at a person - life's a funny beast. And, to some people - it's just semantics

But for most, when we talk of ourselves by saying that we're a survivor implies that we were (and probably still are) victims. When someone talks about a soldier living through 'the-battle-of-such-and-such', they don't say...."so-and-so is a survivor of the-battle-of-such-and-such'. They say, "so-and-so is a veteran of the-battle-of-such-and-such".  An even if the word 'survived' is used, it's never in the context of the soldier being a victim in the first place. Victims are survivors when they win through their challenges - warriors are veterans. What we're saying is that with term survivor, we may not have entirely moved out of the arena of 'victim'. We can get further still in our healing processes by addressing ourselves as warriors rather than survivors.

 Step Four.....Celebrate yourself

It's easy to think and obsess about what you're not happy with.....your hair, your weight, your job etc. But here's the thing, regardless of what your religious beliefs are, how much do you think that all matters after we're gone? So why spend a lifetime focussing on things that not only make you feel unhappy but have no bearing on the person inside - YOU. And as for faults or flaws in our personality - there is no such thing. There are moments when our personal traits are either a disadvantage or an advantage to us. Yes, sometimes we can be more stubborn that we should but it's that same stubborn streak that will pull you through the hardest of times. Stop being over-critical of yourself, make a list of the things you like about yourself and the things that make you happy.......and celebrate it everyday.

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